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VisitorBoost: Why does my hit counter not match your stats?

Awio November 06, 2009

It is impossible to accurately record every visit to a website from the receiving end. There are many reasons a visit can take place but not end up in your report:

  • The user cancels out the window before your site has loaded
  • The user is on a slow connection and the request timed out
  • The page had loaded but the visitor clicked a link or left before your tracking code was loaded
  • The user is behind an ISP with a proxy (such as AOL and MSN users)
  • The user's browser served the page from its cache instead of requesting from your server
  • The ISP served the page from its cache instead of requesting from your server (common in corporate networks)
  • Your tracking software was unavailable or slow at the time of the visit
  • Your tracking software could not handle the large amount of traffic at once
  • The visitor is using ad-blocking or privacy software that blocks your tracking code
  • The visitor has disabled JavaScript and doesn't load your tracking code
There are also delay issues with many web stats reports. Google Analytics is known for undercounting traffic and being up to a day delayed in its reporting. 
Server access logs are the most accurate source of stats. Most web hosts run a program such as Webalizer, Awstats or Urchin which create reports based on these access logs. They are generally run once a day, so the reports are up to 24 hours behind. The counts you see in your Visitor Boost account will be real-time and include the current day where the reports from your host would not include visits from the current day.
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