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Visitor Boost: How is the traffic targeted?

Awio November 06, 2009

We offer regional and category targeting options for your ad campaign.


When you choose a regional targeting option, you will only receive visitors located in the country or countries you've selected. We check each visitor's IP address against an IP-to-Location database which tells us where in the world the visitor is located with greater than 90% accuracy. Then they are only sent to the website of an advertiser targeting their location.


Each website in our publisher network is categorized according to the topics of content on that site. For example, a website with commentary on basketball games is classified under sports. You can choose a topic category to target with your campaign, and we'll only send visitors to your site which were browsing one of the sites in our network that matches that topic category. This way you'll receive targeted visitors with an interest in the topic you chose.

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